Songwriters Rosé and Jisoo take over Twitter trends

On September 8, BLACKPINK finally released the much-awaited tracklist for their upcoming comeback album BORN PINK. Soon after, ‘Songwriter Rosé’ took over the trends along with ‘Jisoo’ as the two members were credited as lyricists on the fourth track, Yeah Yeah Yeah.

A significant criticism the group often faces is their non-participation in their albums. The K-pop industry is increasingly shifting towards groups that produce or write their own songs. For BLINKs, Rosé and Jisoo’s participation seemed like an achievement.

ryan tedder, Yeah Yeah Yeah and Rosé are trending worldwide together with BORN PINK TRACKLISTSONGWRITER ROSÉ

BORN PINK is not the first time Rosé and Jisoo have been credited as songwriters. The former wrote the lyrics and composed music for On the Ground and Gone, songs from her debut solo album R. The latter was credited as one of the lyricists for Lovesick Girls from the 2020 album The Album.

Jisoo has also written Korean lyrics for two songs she covered: Zedd’s Clarity in 2018 and Tove Lo’s Habits (Stay High) in 2021.

BLACKPINK releases an 8-track BORN PINK tracklist

Fans are finally inching closer to the day of BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK release. The album will have a grand welcome as the BLINK fandom has been waiting for nearly two years. Before this, they met fans in October 2020 with The Album.

The tracklist for BORN PINK contains eight tracks: Pink Venom, Shut Down (title track), Typa Girl, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Hard to Love, The Happiest Girl, Tally, and Ready to Love. Out of these, Pink Venom and Ready to Love are pre-release songs.

The most exciting song for fans, aside from the title track, is Yeah Yeah Yeah. The song is an 80s synth-pop track about unexpectedly falling in love with someone.

Spirits are undoubtedly high for BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK, with the icing on the cake being Rosé and Jisoo’s song.

Fans praised the two members and expressed their excitement for the album. Take a look at some of the fans’ reactions below:

from clarity, to lovesick girls, to habits, and now to “yeah yeah yeah”, SONGWRITER KIM JISOO EVERYONE!

Rosé after securing more credits/royalties with Yeah Yeah Yeah (SOTY)SONGWRITER ROSÉ

Rosé wrote songs with Jennie. She got credited with Jisoo so how many songs did Rosé write? You never fail to amaze me ROSEANNE PARKSONGWRITER ROSÉ

lets talk about rosé getting her credits as songwriter and composer both of her solo songs (On The Ground and Gone) 🌸💜 now she is credited as songwriter for one of her group song. 3 songwriting credits and 2 composer credits SONGWRITER ROSÉ #ROSÉ #로제

Jisoo will always make sure the track she pens for is the best one on the album SONGWRITER JISOO

BLACKPINK brings packs a punch with BORN PINK

One of K-pop’s most prominent girl groups will be releasing brand new songs in less than nine days. Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa of BLACKPINK recently stunned fans with their contrasting concept teasers for their upcoming album, BORN PINK.

The quartet seamlessly oscillates between powerful, elegant women in one concept image and quirky, striking models in the second. While certain outfits were a point of contention for some K-netizens, Lisa’s mini-skirt became a hot topic on Twitter, with international fans cheering on her look.

Lalisa in mini skirt is like a breakthrough discovery. They’ve seen the effect and now she has been frequently wearing those and frequently shuts us down every damn time. 🔥SHUT DOWN LALISA#LISA #LALISA #MONEY

Many fans commented that it was getting “boring” to see the quartet squeeze the strong women concept. They hoped for something new and refreshing, especially since the Kill This Love singers returned after nearly two years. However, fans who had waited long enough for content praised the teasers.

BORN PINK will be released on September 16, 2022, at 1:00 pm KST.

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