Spring: The dynamic duo of cleaning: Declutter and deep clean for the ultimate spring clean

With the spring season in full swing, it’s time to get ready for some serious cleaning. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are two simple steps that can help you to get your home spring-ready: decluttering and deep cleaning. Together, these two tasks form a dynamic duo of cleaning that can transform a cluttered and dirty space into a healthy and organized one. Discover the advantages of decluttering and vacuuming, alongside expert tips, and tricks for optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.
How to Declutter
The initial step in cleaning your home for Spring is to get rid of any clutter that you believe is no longer useful. By getting rid of things, you no longer need or want, you can create a more streamlined living space. Decluttering not only makes cleaning easier, but it can also help reduce stress and increase productivity.
How to Deep Clean
Deep cleaning is about completely removing dust and dirt from surfaces, and it is important that we do it regularly.
Here are some tips for a stress-free clean to maintain a cleaner and healthier home this spring
Invest in the right tools
Different surfaces and spaces require different cleaning tools for effective removal of dust and debris. Sweeping and dusting only agitate dust, causing it to become airborne and settle elsewhere. Cord-free vacuum cleaners make great cleaning tools as they are versatile and also come numerous attachments to ensure precise cleaning around tricky edges and hard-to-reach narrow spaces in your home.
Plan a cleaning schedule that works for you
With all the hassle that comes with Spring cleaning, creating a cleaning schedule is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home clean and organised.

  • Prioritise areas which are used less
  • Go room by room to avoid overwhelming yourself

Top-to-bottom cleaning hack
Always clean your room from top to bottom so you capture any fallen airborne dust as you go. Begin by dusting the cobwebs and ceiling, then move to the walls, bookshelves and furniture. Clean your floor only at the end using the different cleaner heads depending on the type of floor.

  • Clean the top-mounted appliances first
  • Remove any wall-mounted items (photo frames, clocks) and vacuum the dust that has accumulated on the walls. Don’t forget to vacuum around any immovable furniture’s crevices (bookcases, televisions)
  • Dust the walls with a vacuum with an advanced filtration system to ensure that the dust you’re removing is trapped in the bin and not expelled back into the home.
  • Don’t forget about the curtains and blinds. If you can’t wash them, vacuum the dust away with the combination tool.

Neglected spots
Neglected spots like mattresses, walls, and ceilings often go unnoticed during cleaning, yet they harbour dust mites, bacteria, and other particles that can trigger allergies. It’s crucial to include these areas in your cleaning routine to effectively eliminate allergens from your home.
Use an air purifier
Indoor air pollution is often overlooked, but harmful particles from burning candles and cooking can affect people’s well-being. Air purifier fans capture and destroy these particles, removing 99.95% of even the smallest particles, while also cooling the room with Air Multiplier technology.
Follow these tips to make your home Spring-ready!
BY: Monika Stuczen, Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson,

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