The iPhone 14 Pro could be better at signalling that your camera and microphone are in use, here’s how

As the day of the expected launch of the iPhone 14 series draws nearer, rumours and claims about it have also begun to proliferate. The latest one to join the list is from Macrumors forums where a person has shared some details about the iPhone 14 Pro’s privacy indicators that give the iPhone user a signal when the camera and/or the microphone of the device are in use.
For the current iPhones, the privacy indicators are located on the right side of the notch. These include a green indicator to tell you that your camera is turned on and an orange one that indicates that your microphone is on.
As per the source from the Macrumors forums, these two indicator lights will be situated inside the one long pill-shaped cutout the iPhone 14 Pro is now rumoured to come with. The source also claimed that the position of the two tiny lights will be more towards the centre of the cutout and they will be significantly brighter this time. In fact, the indicator lights could be much brighter than the rest of the display.
“There will be a elongated pill shape,
In between the camera and sensor housing the display will show notification dots (similar to Mac’s LED camera status indicator) for things like active microphone (orange), active camera (green), etc.”, the source mentions.
It looks like an update iPhone users will appreciate, particularly when they find themselves in brightly lit environments. The brighter lights in the indicators will come in useful then. Will Apple do the same for the base iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max? These are indicator lights that should benefit buyers across all price ranges. We’ll have to wait and see.

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