“The weakest loss I ever witnessed” “F*** this team and f*** this management”

The Detroit Tigers pulled off a ninth-inning comeback against the Los Angeles Angels, winning the game 5-4. This was a heartbreaking loss for Angels fans who have gotten extremely used to heartbreaking losses this season. Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout both hit home runs in this game, but did not have enough support around them to win this game.

In many ways, this game is an ecapsulation of the entire season that the Angels have had. Brilliance from their superstars and the rest of the lineup failing to bring in the needed run support. Neither of these teams will be making the playoffs this year. They were solely playing for pride.

The losses have been piling up for the Los Angeles Angels, with this one in particular being a tough one to swallow.

Fans are desperate to see changes be made in the front office so the Angels can avoid another season like this.

@Angels Fuck this team and fuck this management

A ninth-inning like this collapse will always lead to an examination of the team’s relief pitchers.

The Superstars for the Angels did what they do best, but it was not enough to beat the Detroit Tigers. No matter how loyal Trout and Ohtani may be, every player has a breaking point with such consistent losing. The Angels have failed to capitalize on their stars in both the macro and the micro, and their fans are starting to notice.

@Angels When Ohtani and trout and others homer , and U can’t win. There’s a massive issue . Please get rid of Ohtani to a winning team

Trout hits his 32nd homer. Ohtani hits his 33rd. Angels blow it in the 9th. The way those two are being wasted is on display daily. twitter.com/angels/status/…

Losing to a team that is 34 games below .500 like the Detroit Tigers is a tough pill to swallow. Not being able to win against weaker teams is a bad sign for the franchise. While changes are likely to come in the offseason, fans hope they can come sooner. If the team can build around their two superstars, the Angels could be one of the best teams in the AL.

@Angels Lawd, this team finds ways to suck on a epic basis.

Los Angeles Angels fans have become used to losses like this, with the recent hot streak being an aberration.

@Angels That’s the angels I know 👎🏽

The Los Angeles Angels’ defeat to the Detroit Tigers likely signifies the end of the Angels’ recent hot streak.

The Los Angeles Angels and Detroit Tigers are both looking ahead to 2023

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels

2022 did not go the way that either the Angels or Tigers were hoping it would. The Angels were expected to challenge for a playoff spot, and the Tigers were hoping to take a step forward from the 2021 season.

The 2022 season may not have gone their way, but 2023 is filled with possibilities and opportunities for both the Angels and Tigers to improve.

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