Things get real for YouTuber Bradley Martyn as Demetrious Johnson agrees to fight him after viral claim

YouTuber Bradley Martyn might have set himself up for an MMA fight against one of the GOAT fighters Demetrious Johnson.

The fitness influencer has recently made headlines in MMA circles since an interview with Nate Diaz on his Raw Talk podcast.

Martyn initially drew the ire of the MMA community for asking Diaz about the outcome of a potential street fight between them. Martyn subsequently fell out of favor with fans for refusing to believe that Demetrious Johnson would defeat him in a street fight.

Bradley Martyn and Demetrious Johnson might now be set on a collision course with the mediation of TUF alum Brendan Schaub. Schaub claims to have spoken to Johnson after Martyn’s comments and ‘Mighty Mouse’ accepted the matchup.

The former UFC heavyweight told the YouTuber on the Calabasas Fight Companion podcast:

“I spoke to Might Mouse yesterday. I tell you, all fighters hit me up about you, I’m like Bradley’s my boy, good dude…So I told Mighty Mouse, like,'[Martyn is a] Good dude, dude’. He’s like, ‘Yeah no doubt, just tell him I’m down’. He’s like, ‘It’s not gonna go well’. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know, that’s why I want it to go down’…He said, ‘I’m going on vacation but let’s figure it out. I’ll come down later.'”

Martyn responded:

“I can’t wait, I can’t wait”

How is Bradley Martyn vs. Demetrious Johnson likely to go down?

Bradley Martyn’s sense of confidence in accepting a fight against Demetrious Johnson seems to stem from his 235lbs physique. However, Martyn is vastly downplaying the fact that the former UFC flyweight champ has been one of the scariest men in the world at 125 lbs. for almost a decade now.

When Brendan Schaub previously told Martyn that ‘Mighty Mouse’ would destroy him in a street fight, the YouTuber responded in disbelief:

“150 pounds is like a towel to me…I’m gonna crush his head on the floor”

However, Bradley Martyn is certainly delusional about the skillset it takes to crush anyone’s head on the floor, leave alone Demetrious Johnson. And the one time he tried to do anything remotely close, the YouTuber ended up being rag-dolled and choked out by a Nelk Boys security guard.

Check the clip below:

‘Mighty Mouse’, known as one of the best MMA grapplers, will likely end a potential match against Martin with a flying armbar in the opening round.

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