“This guy is the biggest loser in baseball” “Mad he’s about to drop the division”

It seems that Pete Alonso may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today. As the New York Mets take on the Chicago Cubs this evening, things have gotten off to a heated start. In the bottom of the first, Pete Alonso seemed to be rather upset after getting walked by Cubs pitcher Adrian Sampson.

Alonso wasn’t entirely mad that he started off his night with a walk, but it sure had something to do with it. Earlier in the at-bat, Pete Alonso thought he had crushed a homer, but it just went foul. Alonso thoroughly thought he had a home run as he circled the bases, reaching third before getting called back to the plate. Sampson smartly didn’t give Alonso another pitch to hit in fear of Alonso straightening it out.

Alonso didn’t take this walk lightly as he tomahawked his bat into the ground before walking to first. Sampson didn’t enjoy Alonso’s theatrics, and had some words for the slugger. Alonso immediately turned around and let Sampson have it.

Pete Alonso is NOT happy with Cubs pitcher Adrian Sampson https://t.co/aBLtlq0YY4

This isn’t the ideal way to start the first inning for either team. Baseball is a long game, and this can linger on. With Pete Alonso’s actions, many fans around the league took to Twitter to voice their opinion of the All-Star.

A lot of fans around the league seem to think that Pete Alonso is a poor sport. He wasn’t shy in showing his emotions during the course of the game. It doesn’t take long to search for a video of him snapping his bat over his leg on the internet.

Pete Alonso breaks his bat over his knee after flying out to end the 7th inning: https://t.co/p1kNlxQffm

That’s how some players play the game; with high levels of energy and emotion. Some of those emotions and theatrics fired up his teammates, and sometimes it can land him in trouble.

@JomboyMedia Maybe he shouldn’t whine and just take his base 🤷‍♀️

It’s safe to say fans don’t care too much for Alonso when he acts like this. Fans seem to want to see the slugger play ball without all of this extra stuff. People think that his game is all the talk he needs.

@JomboyMedia Alonso a great ball player but the biggest dork in the game.

@JomboyMedia Aww did big, stwong Pete not get to hit his whittle home run? Grow up crybaby

Is Pete Alonso’s frustration due to the New York Mets’ rocky performance?

Alonso’s frustration could be stemming from the Mets’ poor recent performance. They haven’t played their best baseball as of late. They’ve dropped a couple of games against the Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates.

They hold a 1.5 game lead over the Atlanta Braves in the National League East. The Mets and Braves play a three-game series, the second to last series of the year. The Mets need to pull away from the Braves while they can before it’s too late.

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