This is the country where iPhone 14 series is most expensive

You may think that iPhones are the most expensive in India, but you’re mistaken. Yes, the iPhones cost a lot of money in India. Still, there are some countries where people pay much more for iPhones. For years, Brazil had the most expensive iPhones, but this year Turkey has taken that spot in the list for the most expensive iPhones with the launch of the new iPhone 14 lineup.
According to research published by Nunkeni, Turkey has replaced Brazil when it comes to the most expensive iPhone in the world. And it is for every model launched this year across each storage variant.
If you are planning to buy an iPhone 14 Pro in Turkey, the base variant would cost you $2,193.15 (around Rs ₹1,74,855), more than thrice of what it costs in the USA, that is $799 (around Rs 79,648). Meanwhile, the 1TB storage version goes as high as $2,916.90 (around Rs 2,32,558) in Turkey. In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro starts at $1,458.51 (around Rs 145,360) in Brazil.
The vanilla iPhone 14, which comes for a starting price of $799 (Rs 64,067) in the US, costs $1,699.69 (around Rs 152,997). Meanwhile, in India, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 have a base price tag of Rs 1,29,900 and Rs 79,900, respectively.
But what led to such steep prices of iPhones in Turkey? The country has been facing a critical economic crisis, with an inflation rate rising to 80% for the first time in more than 20 years. Last year, Apple products in the country received a 25 per cent price hike once they went back on sale after a brief halt as the Turkish lira, the country’s local currency, lost 15% of its value against the dollar in a couple of hours.
The iPhones have always been the cheapest in the US, even after you add the tax. This year Apple has increased prices in several countries across the world. In Europe, prices for iPhones and other newly announced products have increased due to the equivalency between the euro and the dollar. While in the UK, the decline of the pound’s value has resulted in a price increase.
Meanwhile, in India also, the prices have increased. The iPhone 13 Pro was launched for Rs 1,19,900 last year, while the iPhone 14 costs Rs 1,29,000, Rs 10,000 more than the last year’s model. However, the price of iPhone 14 is the same as that of iPhone 13 — Rs 79,900.

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