This is what Mukesh Ambani said about Reliance Jio’s first-ever 5G smartphone

Ever since Reliance announced the date of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year 2022, there have been speculations about the company announcing its first-ever 5G smartphone. Reliance is said to be working on the country’s ‘most-affordable’ 5G smartphone. Reliance Group chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani confirmed Reliance Jio‘s upcoming 5G smartphone during his address to the company’s shareholders. Ambani confirmed that Jio is working on a 5G smartphone.
“We are working with Google to develop ultra-affordable 5G smartphones for India. We will also leverage the advanced capabilities of Google Cloud to offer Jio’s Private 5G stack and other 5G-enabled solutions to both domestic and global users at scale,” said Ambani in his speech, affirming the launch of the Jio 5G smartphone.
What Ambani’s statement tells about Reliance Jio’s 5G smartphone pricing and launch
While Reliance chairman confirmed the launch of the Jio 5G smartphone. He did not reveal any other details about the phone. However, his statement that Reliance is working with Google means that the 5G smartphone will run on Android operating system. It is likely that it is powered by PragatiOS. The Pragati OS is a customized version of Android made for the JioPhone Next. Google and Jio have worked closely to create the OS.
Also, since Ambani did not share a timeline of the 5G smartphone’s launch it is very likely that the smartphone will not launch this year. Reliance in the same way announced the JioPhone Next at its AGM in 2020. The smartphone launch happened a year later. Reliance Jio’s 5G smartphone too may follow the same trajectory. Similarly, if the 5G smartphone launches in 2023, it is likely to have similar pricing as the JioPhone Next. For, by then there are likely to be at least a few 5G smartphones available under Rs 10,000. Last one year has seen the steady price drop in 5G smartphones. Buyers can now get 5G smartphones under Rs 15,000 from leading brands like Samsung, Oppo and Realme.
Another thing that is a certainty is that like the JioPhone Next, Jio’s 5G phone too will come bundled with data. There will be some 5G data plans specifically tailored for the smartphone. Reliance followed the same strategy with its 4G feature phone, JioPhone, as well. The JioPhone launched at ‘zero cost’ with a refundable deposit. Customers were required to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 1500 for a period of three years “for security reasons,” as per the company.

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