This new WhatsApp bug is affecting iPhone users, here’s how

WhatsApp has recently released the latest version of the instant messaging app for both Android and iOS users. This new update has not only brought WhatsApp to version, but it has also arrived with a bug that is affecting multiple users. This new bug is reportedly causing an error as users are trying to mute group or individual messages. However, this WhatsApp bug is said to be affecting only iPhone users as Android users seem unaffected, indicating that the issue is just with the new iOS version of the app.
How is this new WhatsApp bug causing an issue
This latest WhatsApp bug is reportedly changing the mute duration from one week to eight hours on the iPhone versions. However, this issue is specific to the ‘one week’ mute option as users aren’t facing the same problem with other durations like — eight hours or always — while trying to mute a group or an individual chat.

Moreover, this mute feature issue is specific for those users who have already updated their WhatsApp with the latest version —
On the contrary, users who access the Meta-owned instant messaging service from their Android devices are not facing any such issues even after installing the latest version of the app. The latest version of WhatsApp that arrives with several new improvements was released by the company on August 31.

WhatsApp will soon stop working on these Apple devices
Meanwhile, WhatsApp will reportedly stop functioning on some iPhones on October 24. WhatsApp will likely stop releasing software support for iPhones that are running on iOS 10 and 11. This means iPhone 5 and 5C users have to get a newer version of the iPhone or have to start using another instant messaging platform.

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