“To call those “swings” is being generous” “Oh yeah he turned red, that’s that true embarrassment”

MLB fans gained a new appreciation for how good baseball players are after seeing Jake Paul take batting practice with the Miami Marlins. Jake Paul is a social media influencer and YouTuber, as well as having a 5-0 record in boxing. He may not have been fighting professional boxers, but the 5-0 record stands anyway.

Fox Sports posted a clip of Paul’s attempt at batting practice ahead of the game between the Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres.

Not only did Jake Paul fail to make contact with any pitch, he looked very uncomfortable in the batters box. This did not go unnoticed by MLB fans.

Few things are harder in professional sports than hitting a baseball from an MLB pitcher. While we have seen other non-baseball players like Donovan Mitchell do well in batting practice, that does not make it easy. All of this did little to stop fans from letting Paul hear about how much better he could have done.

@JomboyMedia i don’t think ive seen a man’s swing worse than that

It is surprising that Paul was not more prepared for this experience. Perhaps, though, it was just an unlucky slump.

@JomboyMedia Dude looks like he’s never swung a bat in his life lol

He may be 5-0 in the squared circle, but he did not even come close to that record in the batters box.

With the New York Yankees currently dealing with offensive struggles, some fans think Paul might be able to fit right in.

This swing is reminiscent of NBA legend Charles Barkley on the golf course for many fans. For those unaware, being compared to Barkley’s golf swing is not favorable.

This funny moment ahead of the Marlins game reminded fans that baseball is not as easy as most people think.

Jake Paul should probably stick to one of the numerous career paths he has already found success in.

@JomboyMedia To start, it seems that this guy never played baseball ⚾️ on his life just on how his batting stance abd how his batting grip, because obviously his swings are terrible 🤦🏿‍♂️

The batting practice went viral for all of the wrong reasons, but it does show how difficult it is to consistently get hits.

Jake Paul’s disastrous batting practice is a reminder of how talented MLB players are

Paul is a great athlete, but did not look it at batting practice
Paul is a great athlete, but did not look it at batting practice

Pitches in batting practice are designed to be hit. They are thrown with much less velocity and are almost always are strikes. Paul, who is a talented athlete, was not even able to make contact.

Almost everybody who is not an MLB player would be completely ineffective against an MLB pitcher. It wouldn’t be as close as Paul was in this batting practice. It goes to show the mix of talent and determination that professional athletes at the top of their game have.

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