Twitter testing ‘share to WhatsApp’ button in India

Twitter has begun testing a new way to share tweets to other apps, especially WhatsApp, with a new ‘share to WhatsApp’ button in India. However, the button does not work as one would expect. Tapping the ‘share to WhatsApp’ button opens up the share sheet, where one has to select the WhatsApp option again.
The ‘share to WhatsApp’ replaces the current share button, which sits below the tweet but works the same. So, the icon is the only thing being changed, and the function remains the same. So, you get the same sharing options — direct messaging, ‘copy link for the tweet’, ’embed the tweet’, ‘bookmark’, or ‘share it to other platforms,’ including WhatsApp.

Twitter shared the development through its handle for India, @TwitterIndia, saying, “some of you might see a WhatsApp Share icon and if you do, let us know what you think,” so the test seems to be limited to a few selected users. Also, the WhatsApp share icon seems limited to the Android app, as reported by some users on the micro-blogging platform.
“Starting today, we are rolling out a new experiment exclusively in India – an important market for us. We are replacing the share icon on Tweets with the WhatsApp icon for the majority of people who use Twitter on Android in the country, so sharing their favorite or noteworthy Tweets is easy even beyond Twitter, making the experience more open, accessible, and holistic for them,” said Shirish Andhare, director and product head, Twitter India.
There is no word on if or when the new ‘share to WhatsApp’ button will be coming for every Twitter user. Or if this feature will be made available outside of India However, since the feature is still under testing, the company could decide to scrap it at any point.

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