Vi brings multiplayer gaming to users via Vi Games

Vi has partnered with Maxamtech Digital Ventures to offer multiplayer and competitive games to its users via Vi Games service. Vi currently offers regular titles in its gaming app for its users, according to TelecomTalk report.
As a part of the expansion, the company will be offering multiplayer games in three different modes — Tournament Mode, Battle Mode and Friends Mode. The Tournament Mode allows gamers to compete with other top players from the leaderboard. The Battle Mode lets users play the game with any other online player. On the other hand, in Friends Mode players can play with their friends and family.
According to the report, players will also receive coins for playing the games on Vi Games. These coins can be used later for playing more games and also participating in tournaments.

Currently, Vi Games platform offers around 40 multiplayer games such as Express Ludo, Golden Goal, Quiz Master, Cricket League, etc.
The key thing to note about the Vi Games service is that it is not restricted for Vi customers. Non-Vi users can also download the app and play games which makes this platform available for everyone like any other online gaming platform. Vi users will also have the option to send an invite to all the customers including non-Vi customers.

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