Vijay Sales announces Electronics Exhibition with discounts on products from over 65 brands

Vijay Sales has announced the largest Electronics exhibition with the India International Consumer Fair. The electronic store is offering discounts on over 65 brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Boat and many more during the sale.
The exhibition is happening after two years of pandemic and its bigger than ever giving customers a chance to treat themselves and their loved ones before they bid adieu to 2022 and gear up to bring-in another successful year.
Electronics Exhibition: Details
The 13-day ongoing exhibition in collaboration with India International Consumer Fair will conclude on 2nd January. The exhibition is an experience all on its own as the store is showcasing the most recent launches and all of the variants of the best-in-tech brands, giving customers a much wider range of possibilities than those offered in physical stores.
All brands will have their own sections with a focus on giving customers the opportunity to touch and feel products like never before. The event is perfect for customers planning to get their hands on new gadgets and experience cutting-edge technology during the festive cheer.
The idea of the exhibition is to provide visitors an up-close look at the products. Customers will get the opportunity to experience 85-inch televisions and Soundbars, which will simulate a home theatre. Customers can experience premium audio from brands like Revel by JBL Harman, Marshall, Shokz and Sony. The widest selection of hobs, chimneys, side-by-side refrigerators, etc., as well as live microwave demonstrations and chef demonstrations of their culinary prowess, are available to customers in the kitchen appliances section.
In terms of personal care, stylists will demonstrate how to use products from Dyson and Philips while you try them out.

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