Viral video of Jaki Fish and Chips’ owner celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s death in Muir of Ord incites mob fury 

Jacki Pickett, the owner of Jaki Fish and Chip Shop, is facing the wrath of the internet after celebrating the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The restaurant owner was seen dancing and spraying champagne as she held an insensitive sign announcing the monarch’s death. Since creating havoc in the locality, law enforcement was forced to close down the shop.

Our local fish and chip shops reaction to the Queens death.. I’m utterly speechless. This is Jaki’s Fish and Chip Shop in Muir of Ord in Scotland, I’m speechless. “Lizard Liz is dead” written on her board and opening a bottle of champagne…

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 at Balmoral. Tributes have poured in across the world from members of the public, celebrities, and world leaders. However, Jacki’s behavior following the queen’s demise was shocking, to say the least.

The Jaki Fish and Chips owner posted a video of herself celebrating the death of the Queen. In the now viral clip, Jacki was seen popping a bottle of champagne shortly after the Queen’s passing. She also held up a chalkboard sign that read – “Lizard Liz Dead and London Bridge has fallen.”

Several officers were called to the Muir of Ord chippie in Scotland after a crowd gathered in front of the Jaki Fish and Chips chippie to berate the restaurant owner. Sources claimed that angry Brits pelted her chippie with eggs and condiments after Jacki posted the video online.

The Scotland Police said:

“Shortly after 8.30pm on Thursday, September 8 officers attended at a business in the Seaforth Road area of Muir of Ord following a report of a large crowd gathered in the area. Officers remained at the scene to ensure the safety of all present and the group subsequently dispersed peacefully. No further police action has been required.”

It was alleged that Jacki Pickett drove away from the shop after demonstrations against her chippie erupted. However, the same has not been confirmed. Police officers have also announced that there was “no suggestion that a crime was committed.”


Netizens react to Jaki Fish and Chips chippie owner celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s death

Internet users were enraged by the insensitive act. Some netizens stated that the Jaki Fish and Chips owner deserved to have her business thrashed by fellow townies. Despite being an anti-monarchist, her actions were immoral in nature. Many slammed Pickett across social media platforms. A few tweets read:

The saddest thing about the ‘Jaki’s Fish and Chip Shop’ incident is that she felt emboldened enough to do it without fear of repercussion.This is a direct result of the divisive politics and atmosphere fostered in this country in recent years.

Update; Jaki’s Fish and Chip shop in Muir of Ord has had its windows smashed, the shop has been egged and Jaki, the owner has been lifted by the police 😂Good riddance 👏👏👏

Jaki won’t be selling any more fish suppers now. Absolute idiot who’s just ruined her own business with her own stupidity

Jaki’s fish and chip shop under attack and Trevor Sinclair signing on in the morning 🥳 life comes at you fast ya rats

When business owners like Jaki are stupid enough to go public with opinions like she did it’s because they THINK they are the majority! THEY’RE NOT! They’re just loud, obnoxious and thick!Decent people of Scotland are still the majority and I’m glad to see them get loud! 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

No more battered chip rolls for Jaki. What a stupid woman.

@DelRobb1 @BBCNews @STVNews Oh, how Jaki laughed the next day, when her customers went elsewhere for a deep fried Mars Bar. I’m sure she’d be happy to beg for benefits from HER MAJESTY’S government, when her shop closes down.

I guess Jaki’s Fish & Chip shop isn’t destined to become another Binley Mega Chippy? 😄

@Killah7007v2 God bless the Great British people, less than an hour after this the shops windows were smashed, then the building had to be protected and Jaki lifted by the Cops. Don’t think she was expecting that.

The restaurant owner deleted the insensitive video from her Facebook account. However, netizens were quick to screen record the horrid behavior and circulate the clip across social media platforms.

Jaki Fish and Chip Shop removed from National Federation of Fish Friers

As netizens continue to slam the chippie owner across social media platforms, a screenshot of an announcement from the NFFF made rounds online as well. In the same, the organization deemed that Jacki’s behavior was in “extremely bad taste.” They also announced that business owner’s membership from the NFFF will be revoked. The official announcement read:

“The NFFF has been made aware of social media posts made by one of our members that are in extremely bad taste and completely against all of the values our organization and industry hold dear. We have discussed this as a board and have taken the decision to revoke the membership of this business over and we will be writing to them and asking them to remove all association of the NFFF from her business, social media and websites.”

Jaki’s fish and chip shop has been booted out of the National Federation of Fish Fryers. Good.

Jacki did not address the backlash she received at the time of writing this article.

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