Watch Ultra: The time may not be right for the most expensive Apple Watch in India

Apple’s most expensive smartwatch is not for you. Nor it is for you, you and you. Unless you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast, a serious athlete in extreme sports or into scuba diving. The Watch Ultra is unlike any other smartwatch Apple has made. Let’s forget the price for a moment — which in most cases will be the biggest deterrent — of the Apple Watch Ultra. The most expensive smartwatch from Apple is meant for a really, really niche audience and that may be in short supply in India.
Why the Apple Watch Ultra could be a hard sell
Here’s how Apple describes the Watch Ultra. “Apple Watch Ultra is an incredible tool for endurance athletes or those who aspire to push beyond their limits.” Endurance athletes anywhere in the world are far and few in between. The highlight reel of the Apple Watch Ultra clearly showed that to get the best out of the smartwatch, you will really need to be interested in activities most people stay away from.

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a far better battery capacity than any other Apple Watch. “Apple Watch Ultra has enough battery life for most users to complete a long-course triathlon, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and full marathon at 26.2 miles.” So are you going to do all — or for that matter anyone — activities? No, right? That’s why the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t for you.
It’s not as if the Apple Watch Ultra does only all this. Apple Watch Ultra includes all of the connectivity, activity, and health features that are found in ‘regular’ Watch series models. From heart rate monitoring and the ECG and Blood Oxygen apps to Activity rings and Mindfulness, along with additional health, safety, and navigation features — it does everything. But then why would anyone spend double the amount if they aren’t into adventure activities or really serious endurance activities?
There’s little doubt that — keeping Apple’s excellent track record in mind — that the Watch Ultra will be an impressive product. The problem, however, could be the target audience. Apple isn’t targeting it for mainstream, average buyers but just a select group who doesn’t want to compromise on anything. And to be fair, this isn’t the first Apple product to fall in that category. The Mac Studio, certain models of iMac, and a few others aren’t meant for ‘regular’ buyers. They are meant to showcase the innovation and technical prowess of Apple. Apple Watch Ultra will do exactly that and then some more. Yet there won’t be queues outside Apple retailers to get their hands on Apple’s most powerful and expensive smartwatch.

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