“What they want is New York Knicks’ unprotected picks, especially unprotected ones”

The New York Knicks are a potential destination for Donovan Mitchell this offseason. After trading Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves, it appears that the Utah Jazz will get rid of their talented guard as well.

The Knicks, however, extended RJ Barrett’s contract by four more years and he will be paid up to $120 million. This move may have been good for the Knicks, but it also lowers their chances of acquiring Mitchell.

Brian Windhorst recently discussed this move on his podcast and believes that the Jazz did not even want to get Barrett.

“So now they’re [Knicks] like, ‘Okay, well then he’s [RJ Barrett] not going to be in the trade,’ which tells me the Knicks didn’t really want to trade him. And again, it tells me that the Jazz… didn’t prioritise getting him.”

“Now, I’m not saying that they didn’t want him, but if getting RJ Barrett had been a big priority for the Jazz, then they would have traded Donovan Mitchell for a package around RJ Barrett,” Windhorst said.

The New York Knicks have decided to keep their young star in the Big Apple for an extended period. However, if the Jazz really wanted him, the Knicks would have probably let him go.

Utah Jazz want draft picks from New York Knicks

The Utah Jazz sent Rudy Gobert to Minnesota earlier this summer. Gobert is a defensive specialist whose interior defense is amazing. On the offensive end of the floor, there is a lot of room for improvement for the French superstar.

Despite his flaws on offense, the Timberwolves gave up five first-round picks for Gobert. Besides them, the Jazz also received a couple of players in the trade package, which was incredible.

The trade showed Danny Ainge’s negotiating skills, and it appears that the Jazz CEO wants the same from the New York Knicks. Brian Windhorst believes that Utah wants unprotected draft picks from the Knicks.

“We’re going to go back to where we were last week,” Windhorst said. “The Jazz actions have indicated that what they want is New York Knicks’ unprotected picks, specifically unprotected ones, and taking RJ out of it might make it even easier for the Jazz to continue to focus on that.

By extending RJ Barrett’s contract, the New York Knicks now have fewer trade assets, which emphasized their draft picks.

Donovan Mitchell’s trade destinations

Besides the New York Knicks, Donovan Mitchell has been linked to the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets this summer. The Los Angeles Lakers have also been mentioned as a potential destination for the combo guard.

“I think Donovan Mitchell would love to play for Miami. I think the Heat would love to have him.”- ESPN’s Brian Windhorst https://t.co/DQlapz8zef

While there is no doubt that Mitchell would love to play alongside Bam Adebayo, Kevin Durant, or LeBron James, this is almost impossible to happen.

The Jazz want valuable pieces in return for their superstar, and that is not exactly what the other potential suitors could offer them. The Knicks, on the other hand, may acquire the three-time All-Star if they decide to part ways with their draft picks.

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