Who is Dion Wright? And which comment of his on LeBron James caught the media’s attention

Dion Wright has drawn a lot of attention on social media after his battle with LeBron James in a Drew League game last month. Wright caught flak for his harsh words about James, and when he guarded the four-time MVP, fans on social media started having fun at his expense.

Wright is a 31-year-old basketball player from St. Bonaventure University who has played in numerous Pro-Am leagues across the country. He isn’t a professional athlete at the NBA level but plays overseas and hoops all the time in exhibition events.

Wright is constantly featured on basketball channels like “Ball is Life,” “Bleacher Report” and even the NBA itself. Although he isn’t an NBA player, he isn’t a scrub or a regular guy at the gym. He has played in leagues in Cyprus, Libya and Ukraine. He last played for Cherkasy Mavpy, a basketball club in the Ukrainian League.

However, guarding James, arguably the greatest player of this generation, is no joke. Some of the best defenders of all time haven’t been able to stop James, so Wright was simply at the King’s mercy.

The entire story of me playing Lebron James at the drew league still can’t believe all this happened life is really crazy I thank God for this opportunity. . . S/O to @BWright1_ my PR guy! https://t.co/JVrwOLdygr

James dropped 42 points, 16 rebounds, three assists and three steals in the Drew League. And many fans started taunting Wright as he constantly got crossed over, posterized and humiliated by the four-time NBA champion.

What tweets did Dion Wright send against LeBron James?

LeBron James of the LA Lakers attends a game during the 2022 NBA Summer League
LeBron James of the LA Lakers attends a game during the 2022 NBA Summer League

Dion Wright had much to say in his defense when fans started trolling him on social media. Immediately after the game against LeBron James, he jumped to say that despite the King putting on a show, his team put up a noteworthy fight. Wright added that his opponents featured two NBA stars, James and DeMar DeRozan, while his team had none. He tweeted:

“He dropped 40 I had 20 for every 2 points he had I had 1 . . . That’s really a once in a lifetime player we had no nba guys they had 2 and only loss by 2 points if bron doesn’t show up we win for sure.”

Wright suggested that his team would have won the game if James didn’t show up. They lost by just two points even though the opposition had James and DeRozan. He also tweeted a few days later telling everyone that he simply enjoyed the opportunity to play against one of the greatest players of all time. The tweet went viral, and it featured several images of them together.

Haters are going to say Lebron dropped 40 on me . . . I’m just living life and taking advantage of my opportunity a lot of people could never drop 20 and 6 in that environment #NothingLikeGoodHoops 🏀 https://t.co/iHaPS5j0O7

James torches defenders all the time. It isn’t something new. However, the reason why this particular hooper is getting so much attention is because fans dug up his old tweets and found one from 2013, when he said LeBron James isn’t clutch.

Many started trolling Wright for his words, suggesting that James saw the tweet before the Drew League game and decided to teach him a lesson.

Wright, meanwhile, doesn’t care what people think. He told The Athletic‘s Law Murray that the only reason he even laced up for the Drew League that day was to share a court with King James. Murray reported:

“I had told my boy, ‘Yo, Bron’s coming to the Drew. You got to drop me off at the airport’ … I just appreciate the opportunity. Like, a lot of people can never say they were on the same court with LeBron. A couple of months ago, I was sitting behind him at a Laker game. Now, I’m on the same court with him. It’s just crazy. Life comes at you fast sometimes.”

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