Why several high-end TVs may be banned in Europe in 2023

Starting March 2023, several top-end TVs may be banned in the European Union (EU). These include models from several big brands including Sony, Samsung, TCL, LG and others. Before you think that there’s some issue with these TVs, no there’s none. The reason is the new energy ratings that will come into effect starting March 2023 in the European Union countries. In March 2021, the EU updated its Energy Label which resulted in several models being moved to the lowest energy rating (G). Starting March 2023, stricter rules will come into force. These requirements were imposed on 4K and lower-end TVs that were sold in Europe in 2021. Now, the EU wants the flagship TVs too to follow them.
EU’s energy requirements
Presently, OLED TVs are allowed to consume a bit more power than LCD TVs (LED, QLED, miniLED etc.) while microLED and all types of 8K TVs are exempt from having to comply with the maximum power limit. Starting March 1, 2023, these exemptions will be removed. “The EEI of an electronic display shall not exceed the maximum EEI (EEImax) according to the limits in Table 1″, says EU.

According to a report in FlatpanelsHD, the EU wants 75-inch 8K TVs to consume 141 watts or less per hour to meet the 0.9 EEI requirement. This year’s Samsung 75-inch 8K TVs reportedly consume at least 303 watts per hour while similar LG models consume 219 watts and TVs from TCL consume 356 watts. The energy consumption of microLED TVs is likely to be much higher than the 8K models.
High-end TVs to be hit
Europe is a huge market for high-end TVs. The estimated 8K TV shipments in 2022 are 400,000 units and 30% of that number is forecasted to come from Europe, the report claims.

The EU is yet to make it a law and might review and revise the energy requirements in 2023. The 8K Association has said that “the power consumption limits on 8K TVs (and microLED-based displays) are set so low that essentially none of these devices will pass,” the report adds.
As per the report, Samsung representatives believe that the company can get 8K TVs to comply with the new regulation.

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