Wordle today August 6 answers & hints (Wordle #778)

Wordle #778 for today, August 6, is here, and it is a hard word for sure. This five-letter word is a zoological term meaning a specific type of animal. This is undoubtedly the hardest solution yet and is definitely not an easy guess. However, the double use of P means you can take two spaces out of the five available right away. With that being said, let’s take a look at today’s answer and hints.

Wordle August 6 answers

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The Wordle (#778) answer for August 6 is POLYP.

Polyp is a noun, a zoological term for a specific type of fauna. According to Google Dictionary, the meaning of it is:

A solitary or colonial sedentary form of a coelenterate such as a sea anemone, typically having a columnar body with the mouth uppermost surrounded by a ring of tentacles. In some species, polyps are a phase in the life cycle which alternates with a medusoid phase.

Synonyms of polyp are carcinoma, malignancy, and melanoma. Here’s how you can use it in a sentence, per Google:

The polyps are free and walk on their tentacles. About 1 in 100 people will develop nasal polyps at some point in their life.

Wordle hints for today, August 6

The Wordle #778 hints for today, August 6, are as follows:

  • #778 starts with the letter P
  • #778 ends with the letter P
  • #778 contains the letter L

How to play Wordle

To play Wordle, follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to the New York Times website homepage for the game.
  2. You can create or connect a New York Times account to keep track of your progress in the game. However, this is completely optional.
  3. On the page, you’ll be greeted by a grid that you can use to guess the word and a keyboard to enter possible guesses.
  4. After each guess, the letters indicate if you’re any closer to guessing the correct word.
  5. If a letter remains gray, then the word does not contain it.
  6. If a letter turns yellow, the word contains it, but its position is incorrect.
  7. If a letter turns green, it means the word contains that letter, and you have placed it in the correct position.
  8. The game’s objective is to guess the word in as few attempts as possible.
  9. After guessing it correctly, you can click on share and publish your results on your social media account.

After you’re done with today’s Wordle, you can check out the answers for today’s LoLdle or Quordle.

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