Worried about which apps are accessing your location, here’s how you can check and disable

Apps that we install on our smartphone requires a lot of permissions and access to function properly. For instance, it is important that your weather app has location access or call app has microphone access or the camera app has storage and camera access.
However, things aren’t as simple as it appears. There are times when apps ask for permissions that aren’t necessary, especially location access. For example, the Calling app may not need to access your location to work properly. The same applies to other apps as well.
Case in point, you often don’t remember that which apps are currently accessing your location or the apps that have allowed you to access your location. Also, in case you find something fishy, you may want to remove the access right away for privacy concerns.
So, if you are looking to check which apps are currently accessing your phone’s location, follow our steps:
Steps to check apps that are accessing location
On your Android phone, head to Settings
Scroll down and tap on the Location option
Hit the App location permissions option
Here you can all the apps that have location permission. You can tap on one of the apps and disable the access if you want.
Alternatively, you can also turn off precise location access. To do this, follow the step below
Head to the Settings app on your phone
Scroll down and tap on the Location option
Now, tap on App location permissions.
From the list of apps, tap on the one for which you want to make the changes
Here, you can either completely disable the location access or simply turn off the Use Precise Location toggle.
This will prevent the app from accessing the exact location.

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