WWE Superstar compares Ricochet to Spider-Man

WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin recently compared Ricochet to Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man.

In a new video from Insider, Benjamin reviewed nine wrestling scenes from movies and television. WWE legend Macho Man Randy Savage appeared in the 2002 film Spider-Man. Macho Man plays the wrestler “Bone Saw” in the film and battles the superhero in a steel cage match with a three-minute time limit. Shelton noted that there would be a riot in the crowd nowadays if a cage match only lasted three minutes because it is usually the main event.

He was about to call Spider-Man’s moves unrealistic in the film but stopped himself. Shelton stated that stars like Ricochet can literally do everything, so superhero moves are not entirely impossible inside the squared circle.

“If you had asked me this maybe when this movie was made, I would say Spider-Man’s moves are pretty unrealistic,” said Benjamin. “But then I have to point out guys like Ricochet, who can literally do anything that you’ve seen in this clip. This day and age I can’t say they’re unrealistic.” (09:17- 09:34)


Ricochet on his dream match against WWE Superstar

Ricochet was most recently the Intercontinental Champion before he dropped the title to Gunther on the June 10th episode of SmackDown. He battled Gunther once again two weeks later on the blue brand and was dominated by the champion.

Before signing with WWE, Ricochet spent some time in Lucha Underground wrestling as Prince Puma. He wrestled Rey Mysterio in the promotion in 2016 and referred to the match as a masterpiece in an interview with SHAK Wrestling. The 33-year-old added that he hopes to battle Rey once again on a bigger stage.

“Once I got here… we got together and we just kind of reminisced like, ‘Man, remember that?’ And now we’re actually here. And now we might actually have a chance to do it. Now we’re here, so we might actually have a chance to do it once again and on a bigger scale. I really, really hope before he is done lacing the boots, that we get a chance to just lock horns again.”

Rey Mysterio vs Prince Puma (Ricochet) in Lucha Underground https://t.co/gtRjCWMvYF

Ricochet appeared on the August 5th edition of SmackDown and defeated Happy Corbin after Pat McAfee provided a distraction.

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